Watch Justin Bieber throw the punch of his street-fighting career

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A lot has changed in 2016. American politics. Our position within the EU. Pop culture heroes passing away. Monica Galetti’s from Masterchef’s hair colour.

But God bless Justin Bieber, who through all of this, hasn’t changed one single bit. The Sorry singer, defiant in the face of an ever-changing world, is still punching people square in the face, as seen in this mad footage obtained by TMZ:

The latest in a long line of street fights for Biebs occurred last night (Tuesday) in Barcelona, as the pop hyperstar was being driven away from his show, or what may have been a trip to pick up his grandad’s spectacles. Reports are a little hazy at this stage.

However, what we can clearly see in the video above is that an over-excited male fan ran to his musical hero’s car window to see him – or what looks like steal those elderly glasses from his face – and was met with a big old jab to the kisser while the motor vehicle was still moving, earning himself a bloody mouth. Ouch. 

As you’d expect, Belieber’s have quickly jumped onto Twitter to defend their fist-throwing idol, with many claiming the unlucky fan had said he was approaching Bieber’s car in an attempt to get a punch in first:

Regardless of what you think may have happened, this incident ranks pretty highly in Bieber’s knuckle-swinging history. It may even topple his fight with a giant man outside of a hotel earlier this year from the top his Most Outrageous Punches Of The Year list. 

Still a few days left of 2016, mind. 

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