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6 videos that prove Thierry Henry is the sassiest man on TV

The master of mockery

6 videos that prove Thierry Henry is the sassiest man on TV

Thierry Henry: Legendary footballer. Gallic smooth-talker. Sassy motherfu**er.

The Frenchman's transition from turf to TV hasn't been easy. As a host, he's often faced criticism over drawling analysis and a lack of cutting insight - but if there's one thing that Thierry has revolutionised in the Sky Sports studio, it's cheeky chappery.

Just watch his face after hearing the words "Gareth Barry is one of the best English players ever".

And his reaction to Brendan Rodgers sacking will live on forever...

Thierry's expressive mug is in danger of becoming a living, breathing meme - a reaction GIF wrapped in a chunky knitted tie. That's not a criticism, by the way. We think the guy's hilarious.

Like, remember when he went back in time to snoop in on  Vieira and Keane's raucous Highbury showdown...

And that's not to say he can't verbalise his piss-takery. Just watch as he effortlessly decimates Robbie Savage with a single sentence...

And who can forget the time when he teamed up with Gary Neville to stamp all over Jamie Redknapp's still-beating heart?

Ever thought about playing nice, Thierry?