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Wagyu fat-washed gin is the latest unami experimental gin trend

Prepare for a spirit offering you can sink your teeth into

Wagyu fat-washed gin is the latest unami experimental gin trend
Danielle de Wolfe
23 January 2024

Recent years have seen a host of truly unique experimental gins come to market - and this latest Wagyu fat-washed offering is no exception.

Vegans might want to look away now, as this carni-tastic spirit harnesses the power of red meat.

Uniting the worlds of beef farming and spirits, Warrendale Wagyu, a UK Wagyu producer with farms located across Lancashire, has launched its very own beef fat gin named Wa-Gyn.

Wagyu beef has long been a prized delicacy, primarily due to high fat content which not only adds a rich flavour to the meat, but causes a distinctive marbling-effect.

So imagine the delight when the news broke that the flavourful delicacy was now available in spirit form.

Coming in at 44% ABV, the gin is washed with molten Wagyu fat for 48 hours before being triple filtered.

Sounds rather luxurious, doesn't it?

Wagyu fat-washed gin is the latest trend in experimental gin

Latching onto the current umami trend (savoury tastes and aromas), the distinctive juniper taste is complimented by notes of ruby grapefruit, lemon grass and warming pink peppercorn.
Tom Richardson, Warrendale Wagyu's managing director, said: “We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, which is why we have launched the first fat-washed gin available in the UK.
“With the past year seeing great success for the business, it seemed right for us to expand our use of Wagyu into new areas.
“While it is uncommon for gin to be fat-washed, we spotted a gap in the market and have carefully combined juniper with flavoursome fruits and herbs to create a drink that tastes fantastic.
“For those celebrating Ginuary or who enjoy gin in general, this needs to be added to your list, as it will leave you impressed with the luxurious taste.”
Wa-Gyn can be picked up for £55 a bottle (700ml) exclusively from Warrendale Wagyu’s web store.
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