VW fibs about car performance again (with brilliant prank video)


Volkswagen is trying to move on from a bad 2015.

It doesn't want you to focus on those pesky emissions test issues, those efforts to cover up its mechanical tricks or the $18 billion fine the company is set to be slapped with.

Nope - it wants to you marvel at the crazy stunt those kooky PR bods in its Norwegian branch have cooked up.

Now we've dried up our stores of cynicism, the following trick is an impressive one. In order to advertise VW's new Trailer Assist function, a team of engineers managed to squeeze an engine and driving controls into a heavily modified trailer - complete with one-way glass. From inside the trailer, a driver is able to tow a car at impressive speeds under full control - while bystanders and fellow motorists watch in understandable confusion as the trailer blitzes past them. 

Well done, VW. It's not like you to cheat on car performance...


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