VW Camper Vans Restyled As Superheroes


Batman has the Batmobile. Wonder Woman's got an invisible jet (good luck explaining that in the film). Superman has... well, he can fly. But how did they get around before they made it big saving the planet? What were their first rides? 

In the mind of Netherlands-based designer Chung Kong, there's only one set of utilitarian wheels suitable for the business of transporting heroes and their kit on a budget: the VW Camper. 

Rather than keeping a low profile, Kong envisions the characters emblazoning their vans in a similar vein to that of the Mystery Machine. We're not convinced Superman would personalise his numberplate with "CLARK", but if his idea of the ultimate disguise is a pair of glasses, you never know.

VW and comic fans can pick up one of Kong's prints on his website

(Images: Chung Kong)

[Via: Design Taxi]


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