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This man made a video to help sell his old car and it's honestly incredible

How could you not buy this car?

This man made a video to help sell his old car and it's honestly incredible
09 May 2017

What did you do last time you needed to sell your car? Stick a note up on the windscreen? Stick it up on Facebook with a few well-chosen photos, carefully avoiding the scratch marks and dent in the bonnet? Put in on ebay? Did you even splash out and get it listed on Auto Trader? Or did you just take the lazy man’s option and just trade it in for part-exchange, knowing full well you’re getting much less than it’s worth?

Well none of you deserve to sell your car – ever – because none of you have shown the true commitment that this absolute legend of the game has toward getting a good deal for his 1996 Suzuki Vitara.

Visual effects artist (OK, so he was at a bit of an advantage given his line of work) Eugene Romanovsky has created this insanely good two minute-long advert which sees his beloved motor journey through Jurassic Park, under water, outer space and even appear in Mad Max.

Eugene wrote on YouTube, “With deep sorrow selling my little beast...” and we’re pretty sure he’ll have had plenty of interest after making this.

He’ll certainly expect to get a better deal than the time I tried to part-exchange my stricken Renault Clio. After the engine blew up on the A12, I nursed it home and rang the garage to see if they would honour their minimum trade-in price, even if the car was knackered. They made a deal: if I could get it to the garage, they’d give me the money. Alas, the car made it 200 metres down the road before the smoke started rising from the bonnet and I had to abort the mission. I got £20 for it for scrap.

I hope you have better luck Eugene, you deserve it.