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VIDEO: The Beer You Morally Have to Drink

It's not a choice, it's an obligation

VIDEO: The Beer You Morally Have to Drink
21 July 2011

If you were asked to compile a list of the great humanitarians in history, some names would instantly spring to mind: Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Jimmy Savile.

But if Norte lager had existed before now, you could have added George Best and Oliver Reed to that esteemed group, because drinking this beer will literally make the world a better place (and not just while you're drinking it).

In a truly innovative campaign, the Argentinian-based brewer converts each bottletop from a Norte beer into a minute of "good deed" time. A team organised by the company then uses this time to perform worthy tasks, such as repairing houses and maintaining local parks.

No more need for excuses to sneak off to the pub, no more guilt about hangovers at work; your country needs you, so get down to the boozer and heal the world. Now if someone could just do the same for kebabs...

Images: Rex