VIDEO: Rally driver crashes dad's car


While it's often incredibly satisfying to flagrantly ignore rules handed down to you from your parents, sometimes they exist for very good reasons.

Take the father of rally driver George Miedecke. He told his son that the only way he could race his prized car was if a) he didn't come second and b) he didn't crash it.

From the very existence of this story, you can probably imagine that things didn't go according to plan. We're assuming that it was less rebellion and more bad luck that caused the rule-breaking though.

Andre Miedecke, or dad to his son George, had to pull out of the Targa Wrest Point rally in Tasmania after injuring his back so loaned his 1970 Ford Capri Perana to his 25-year-old offspring. But after a tight corner at 80mph, his beloved car was soon careering into the sea.

No-one was hurt although we haven't seen what George looked like after he got home.

(Image: Daily Motion)


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