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USA gives you the fattest vacation in the world

Yet you'll have to pay for that bypass...

USA gives you the fattest vacation in the world
27 July 2011

When you're on holiday, you're allowed to indulge a bit. Or at least that's what you assure yourself as you tuck into the fifth meal of the day.

But a recent survey shows that while away, Britons have been erring on the side of gluttony a little bit too much. The most dangerous destination for your heart is the US, where an average tourist will pile on around 8lbs within a two-week break.

Most blamed the larger portions in America but also attributed the gain to 'lounging around'. The second spot was taken up by the Caribbean, third by France, fourth by Italy and fifth by Greece.

2,000 Brits were quizzed by Obesimed, a finger-pointing weight-loss company. Worryingly, 1 in 20 people pile on at least a stone while away. Makes those holiday snaps even tougher to endure.

(Image: Rex Features)