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Winners Of The Urban Photographer Of The Year

Winners Of The Urban Photographer Of The Year

Winners Of The Urban Photographer Of The Year
13 October 2014

We like to tell ourselves that we know a good shot of urban life when we see one. The way the light might bounce off a tower block, or the juxtaposition created between a tramp and a Bentley. Then we saw the winners of this year's CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year award, and realised we didn't even have skills of a 15-year-old.

The brief of the award attempts to capture the 24 hour lifestyle of the world's urban centres - photographs must depict an aspect of city living, with entrants listing the hour in which their photo was taken. Twenty four winners are then selected, one for each hour of the day, with further awards bestowed upon the best shots from two age brackets - 13-15, 16-25 - and three geographical regions: the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

The title of overall winner went to Marius Vieth for his shot 'Mask of Society'. 

Head over to the CBRE Urban Photographer site to see the full list of winners, and see our favourites below.

Overall winner: Marius Vieth, ‘Mask of Society'
EMEA winner: Carlos da Costa Branco, ‘Dancing in the street’
Asia Pacific winner: Ly Hoang Long ‘Net Mending'
Americas winner: Johanna Siegmann, ‘Buffer Zone'
16-25 winner: Szabolcs Simó, ‘Christmas Tram'
13 - 15 Winner: Sarah Scarborough, 'A Distant Silhouette'
17:00 hours winner: Antonio Hernàndez Santana, ‘Symmetry'
12:00 hours winner: Sujan Sarkar, ‘Sewage Worker'
07:00 hours winner: Cymbie Yan, ‘Morning'

(Images: Urban Photographer of the Year)