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This list of anonymous "Unpopular opinions too unpopular for Twitter" is great reading

Of course, some of them are "bad"

This list of anonymous "Unpopular opinions too unpopular for Twitter" is great reading
14 June 2018

By now, you’ll have seen the ‘unpopular opinion’ meme - someone on Twitter says something like “Unpopular Opinion: Food Edition” and then people reply with wacky things like “Pineapple on pizza is great!” and everyone has a big laugh. It’s quite funny, sometimes.

Anyway, it’s sort of reached an end point now - all the unpopular opinions have been expressed, and there is nowhere to go. Unless of course, you count the things that people wanted to say, but were too embarrassed to put their name to. The unpopular opinions too unpopular for Twitter.

The dark stuff. The real meat.

So Twitter man @robmanuel decided to get the ball rolling:

And it makes for great reading. Of course, many people have not understood the call-out and have simply responded with not-at-all embarassing opinions like the aforementioned “PINEAPPLE PIZZA GREAT LOL”, but there are a great deal of other good ones on the list. 

Here are 20 that stand out (we’re definitely not saying we agree or disagree with any of them - probably best to get that straight):

If you’re a “take me as I am” person, then you’re a cunt.

The Frog Chorus is McCartney’s best song

Barcelona style tiki-taka football is garbage to watch

It’s ok to wank in the toilets at work… isn’t it?

Everyone should have to take a driving test every ten years, and every five years past 60.

If religion were invented today, anybody spouting that sort of rhetoric would be sectioned.

Political correctness HAS gone mad

Any movie that can’t fit a story into a 90 minute segment has a shit screenplay

People only listen to Radio 4 so they can tell other people they listen to Radio 4

George of the Jungle is far better than any of that Tarantino shit

You, putting your hat over your face because you’ve got such terrible opinions, and then going onto the spreadsheet and writing “Trilbys are cool”

Craft ale is mostly bollocks and gives you the shits, lager is quite often better

People who self-identify as writers are insufferable.

Memes mean I find it impossible to relate to anyone over like 25

All films with horses in are rubbish

With every new ‘Unpopular Opinion: X Edition’ tweet, the word ‘Unpopular’ morphs further into ‘Lazy, Obvious Crowd-Pleaser’. “Unpopular Opinion: Food Edition” “Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! I prefer bacon to fois gras!!!”

Love Island think pieces are boring

“Pizza is bad” and “Beatles are overrated” aren’t unspeakably unpopular opinions. They’re just opinions. Get over yourself.

Not everything to do with Brexit is bad.

Hayfever is made up by weak people to excuse them from actual work.

Automatic gearboxes are better

However, if the look of a spreadsheet understandably fills you with dread, then Rob is in the process of creating a bot that will tweet out the opinions too:

So stay tuned for that when it’s ready, and you can follow and finally, anonymously, reveal your terrible secret - an opinion that nobody has ever expressed before: “I… like… pizza… with… pineapple.”

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