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Twitter is hilariously trolling the 'Daily Express' for its Brexit front page

This is just embarrassing

Twitter is hilariously trolling the 'Daily Express' for its Brexit front page
29 March 2018

With one year to go until Britain leaves the EU, right-wingers and Brexiteers have been getting very excited. And despite concerns about the impact of the Cambridge Analytica and Vote Leave funding scandals, the Daily Express went whole-hog with a full-on Brexit bonanza of a front page.

Underneath a huge red banner screaming ‘ONE YEAR TO BREXIT’, there’s a jingoistic shot of the white cliffs of Dover and a quote from beleaguered foreign secretary Boris Johnson, saying: “Our national journey out of the EU is almost over and a glorious view awaits.” 

Doesn’t it just fill you to the brim with an overwhelming sense of national pride? No? Same here.

And, as you could probably have guessed, Twitter was quick to point out some of the front page’s flaws – and generally just take the piss.

First up, Justin Foulkes, the photographer who took the original photo of the cliff, wrote: “If anything sums up Brexit - it’s the Daily Express making my pic of Britain look whiter than it actually is.”

The former editor of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger said: “Lemmings of the world, unite!”

Former editor of The Sun Stig Abell, and many others, pointed out the irony that the paper chose a cliff edge to illustrate their Brexit story: “And we shall illustrate this glorious moment with… a large cliff edge”.

Comedian David Schneider added: “If you think the Express front page showing a cliff we’re all going to plunge off is a bit negative, you should see the covers they rejected.”

Oliver Moody said: “Not that I would ever question the wisdom of the editors at the Daily Express, but has anyone told them that their glorious view is looking out towards, er, Europe?”

And, finally, Ben wrote: “The Daily Express is so excited it’s not even giving away any garden furniture.”

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(Image: Getty / Daily Express)