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The biggest stereotype about men and sex is actually a load of rubbish

We've been wrong this whole time

The biggest stereotype about men and sex is actually a load of rubbish
18 August 2017

Men bloody love it, don’t they? Love a bit of the old shagging, isn’t it? Never enough of it, if you ask them – all they sodding go on about, sex this, sex that, why don’t they marry it? In fact, it’s boring how long they go on about it – change the track, poindexter, we’ve heard it all before.

At least, that’s what I thought, anyway – it turns out that actually, I’m wrong. According to some research from Voucher Codes Pro (yeah, I know), it’s actually the women who are craving it more than us blokes. The survey asked 2,383 Brits who were all in a committed relationship a couple of questions about sex and that, and the results were surprising, as it happens.

The survey essentially asked the couple what they missed the most about the ‘honeymoon period’, which is a great thing to ask couples, I’ve found – it really strengthens their relationship and definitely doesn’t raise any doubts in the slightest.

21% of couples regularly argue about the fact that they’re not having enough sex, which is fair enough, but it’s the gender divide in this issue that is the most interesting. 41% of men thought they weren’t getting enough sex, but 59% of women felt the same way. So, the common misconception that men can’t stop thinking about sex is exactly that: a misconception. If anything, we’re not thinking about it enough. Or at least, not doing it enough, according to our partners.

The main disagreements involved 32% of people getting frustrated that their partners were lazy lovers and 20% becoming irked that they have different likes (food in the bedroom, maybe) or dislikes (getting chilli sauce involved for the sixth time this week).

The survey then asked what the couples would do to remedy this situation. 7% of people said they’d do a naughty and cheat, 40% said they’d do a naughty and look at porno-ography and 28% said they’d do a naughty and plop a sex toy up an orifice for a bit of private banter.

Aside from the sexual bombshell I revealed above, the survey revealed more, like: 36% of couples said they wished they did more ‘spontaneous things together’ and 33% wished they ‘argued a lot less’. 

Pretty standard answers there – nobody likes arguing or getting stuck in a rut. Aside from the ole sex argument, the other most “popular” things to argue about were finances (25%) and not spending enough time together (20%).

So thank you, Voucher Codes Pro, for the enlightening study, I certainly know where I’m going to get my pro voucher codes from in the future, and it’s all because you have finally nixed the very common misconception that I am a sex-crazed heathen with a mind so dirty you can smell it from a mile away. 

Only joking, I am fully in that 41% of men that don’t think they’re getting enough sex. That is because, in my book anyway, ‘zero’ is ‘not enough’. But that’s just me. Each to their own.

(Image: JD Mason)