Turns out Vladimir Putin is secretly immortal (and here's the proof)


Russian President Vladmir Putin is many things: motorcycle fan,  gym and martial arts fan, and now, apparently immortal. Online detectives have found the Russian leader bares a startling resemblance to a number of figures from historical paintings, including the Mona Lisa.

No, really. Look at it. 

Not enough evidence for you that Putin has secretly been living amongst us, like an immortal out of the Highlander films? Then take a gander at this portrait of 19th Century Greek General Thanassoulas Valtinos.

Still unconvinced? How about the works of 15th Century Dutch painter Jan van Eyck...

Along with this artwork from MC Escher.

So either Putin is just a powerful 21st Century political leader who likes to time travel and pop up in famous painting for laughs, or he’s an immortal and has been popping up in work for centuries. We think we know which theory is more likely. Either way, he's a hell of an art fan.

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