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Tubby thief wedged in elevator vent

Removal of trousers adds to woe

Tubby thief wedged in elevator vent

This thief is not as cunning as a fox with a PHD in cunningness. His plan to rob the warehouse of his former employer went pear-shaped when he became wedged, trousers down in the roof of a lift.

The wannabe crook, Mr Xi, was fired from a technology company and, in a bid to exact revenge, he decided to rob the company's warehouse.

He hid himself in the company's offices, waiting until all the staff had left before springing into action, like Brad Pitt in Ocean's 11.

Alas, he was unable to break into the warehouse and instead decide, in the early hours of Sunday morning, to make his escape by removing the ventilation fan of a lift and hoisting himself into the shaft.

But due to a few too many crispy wantons he became wedged.

Mr Xi called his girlfriend, but after two hours of trying to squeeze him through the gap, and the removal of his trousers to make him more streamline, Mr Xi remained wedged.

Eventually a security guard found him hanging trouserless, and his girlfriend exhausted from her efforts to free him. They were arrested.


Via: Telegraph