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Trainer of the Day: adidas Ultra Boost 3.0

Take me, Ultra Boost 3.0 - my body is ready.

Trainer of the Day: adidas Ultra Boost 3.0
07 December 2016

When adidas introduced the Boost sole, I’m gonna be honest, we all thought it was just a marketing gimmick. “Oh, cool, a new sole… Right.” But the Boost tech brought the brand known most for tradition and design heritage into the 21st century, placing it front and centre during the first wave of Athleisure swag and the hypebeast era.

The Ultra Boost 3.0 (£129) will be, as you might’ve guessed, adi’s third incarnation of the Ultra Boost shoe, the gym-trainer-cum-all-rounder that has become a firm favourite with fans and resellers since its introduction in 2013, and when Kanye wore it to New York Fashion Week a year later and it went stratospheric.

Anyway, the German brand have announced eleven ace colourways of the new shoe and, genuinely, we couldn’t be happier. 

The burgundy incarnation of the Ultra Boost 3.0

Supremely comfortable with the Boost sole – described on release as “the best running sneaker ever” by adidas and few have been able to truly fuck with the claim since – and the heel cage stabilisation providing a superior footwear experience in terms of fit and support, the mesh upper keeps the whole thing light and breathable too. These are trainers you can ACTUALLY RUN IN (if you were so inclined) as well as just look cool when you got to that new exhibition at the Tate in, or whatever.

To be honest, the Ultra Boost has always been joy to wear and now we’ve been Truly Blessed with a near dozen colourways of the latest version, it looks like it’s not gonna be going anywhere.

The adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 will be released worldwide on 14 December