You've been bench pressing wrong this whole time (and here's why)

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David Cornish

Do you even lift, bro? Mark Coles does.

Owner of the M10 fitness programmes, Coles is a body builder, specialist trainer and all round huge man. If he tells you you've been bench pressing wrong, we'd be inclined to agree (there's a weight lifting joke in there, but we can't pick it up). 

While training 'body transformation specialist' Kirk Miller, Coles gave the following tip on how to ensure you're making the most of your gains when attempting a dumbbell bench press. Hint: it's all about full range of movement. 

So, make sure your movement is perfect, drop to a weight that you can actually lift without ruining your form, and away you go.

It might take you a few weeks before you're as big as either Cole or Miller though. 


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