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Every Tom Hardy grunt in Taboo in one wonderful supercut

It's enough to make Bane sound coherent

Every Tom Hardy grunt in Taboo in one wonderful supercut
14 February 2017

Tom Hardy looks to be the type of person it’s hard to say no to. Which, we presume, is why he’s always got a silly voice on in his movies and TV shows. We imagine he campaigns quite hard to have his character have a made up accent, and as is often the case with actors, it’s probably best just to let him have it. 

And so to Taboo, Tom Hardy’s new series, which not only contains a fantastically impossible-to-place accent, but also an almost overwhelming amount of grunting. Hardy’s other acting-weapon of choice, his grunting is used in full force across this series, and it’s not half distracting.

And, because the internet, someone has decided to gather up every single time he’s grunted in the show so far, and clumped them altogether in the same video.

Behold! Acting! It’s enough to make Gotham’s Minister of Muffle Bane sound coherent.

You can catch Taboo this Saturday on BBC 1 at 9.15 or catch up on the previous episodes here.