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Tom Hardy’s latest bed time story on CBeebies is every bit as good as you imagined

The Hollywood star made a triumphant return on Valentine's Day

Tom Hardy’s latest bed time story on CBeebies is every bit as good as you imagined
15 February 2017

Not content with grunting his way to critical acclaim in the BBC’s gothic drama Taboo, Tom Hardy served up another treat for the broadcasting giant last night, making his gallant return on CBeebies to read us all a bed time story.

Skewing the demographic some, we can only imagine the thousands of lonely Valentines seeking solace in the safe audible embrace of the Hollywood star; us included. Particularly with so much of Twitter left aquiver following a teaser to the show yesterday...

And boy did it live up to the hype. Flanked by the most photogenic bear he’s co-starred with since The Revenant, he read Tom McLaughlin’s book The Cloudspotter, even going so method that he rocked his very own pair of binoculars. You just fucking know he can tell his Cumulonimbus from his Altocumulus.

But most of all, as with most of his best performances, barring Bane, it was all about the delivery. The man’s wasted on grown up films.

LOOK at that dedication to his craft
An illustration from The Cloudspotter

Switching between his rugged features and illustrations from McLaughlin’s book, we even get to see some shots of Hardy’s best friend – his dog, given the occasional affectionate pat on the head. And man, do we wish we were that mutt.

You can watch the whole reading on iPlayer right now. Just don’t doze off your desk, yeah?