We would like to apologise on behalf of all men for this douchebag's atrocious Tinder behaviour

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Ben Scott

Tinder can be a magical place to meet new people. It’s the Generation Y dream – matching with people based on immediate first impressions, a tiny self-penned bio and not even having to go to a club and meet people 'IRL' first.

But, like all good things, it does appear to bring out the worst in certain people. Tragically, most of these people are men, and for this minority of morons, we apologise.

Imgur user msmessyclean shared this album of a recent chat she had with a guy on Tinder, who she’d gotten on well enough with to plan a date. That was, until he made a ‘joke’ that she didn’t feel okay with, cancelling the date. That's not even mentioning the dozen times he called her, or bragged about his high paying job.

What you’re about to read goes from insulting and then eventually devolving into pleading with her to still go out with him.

Do not ever imitate this. If you ever even for a second consider doing something like this, remind yourself that you're an idiot. An idiot that deserves to finish their days alone, eating microwave meals for one, in a flat that permanently has damp on the walls.