15 times The Simpsons predicted world events

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Not content with doing every idea in the history of TV before anyone else, America's favourite family has always had a knack for predicting the future as well.

And fans of America’s longest running sitcom might have been forgiven for having Déjà vu during last night’s Superbowl half time show from Lady Gaga. Flying over the stadium on a harness, the pop singer’s daring bravery evoked one moment writers of The Simpsons imagined many moons ago.


It’s not the first time the show predicted the future either. Here are some other spooky examples of when real life bizarrely imitated yellowfied art.

Way back in 2000, they predicted Donald Trump would become president

Even the sinister way he went down the escalator during one promo event

In 2010, Milhouse bet on Bengt R. Holstrom to win a Nobel Peace Prize. In 2016, he did

They warned against the dangers of flooding basketball courts...


And remember when Homer and Bart started a lucrative grease-stealing business?

Yep, and even the entire plot of The Hangover too

In a 1995 episode, Lisa's future husband predicted the rise of the smartwatch, and Lisa 'Skyped' her mum and dad

In the same episode, a 2010 Rolling Stones Steel Wheelchair Tour poster is visible


Not to mention Pixar smash-hit Inside Out...

Pepsi tried to jump on Marge’s cost-saving methods...

Even the bad ideas were stolen - like Fat Tony's poodle ploy...

Pharrell stole his whole look from Homer Jay...


Community posed a question that's already been answered...

In 1997, the writers tipped us off about NSA government snoops...

And the Oculus Rift owes everything to Yard Work Simulator...

When Homer came in like a WRECKING BAAAAAALL