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Every single 'It's Coming Home' meme that you will need for England's World Cup win

Let's face it, they're all hilarious

Every single 'It's Coming Home' meme that you will need for England's World Cup win
06 July 2018

It’s everywhere you turn. There when you least expect it - and when you most expect it. It’s currently the ending of every single conversation taking place in every single pub, by every single watercooler in an office and every single chat with a neighbour.

It’s. Coming. Home.

It might be 22 years old, but ‘Three Lions’, originally released in 1996 by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and the Lightning Seeds, is still the absolute number one football anthem. You can read the fascinating musical theory behind why it’s such a great song here but, up until this tournament, it was always viewed as the best football song, but only marginally ahead of the likes of ‘World in Motion’ and, at a push, ‘Vindaloo’.

But during the 2018 Russia World Cup, it has risen up and smashed its opponents out of the water. It is the only game in town - it has become truly dominant. Why?

Well, it turns out that it is the absolute perfect song to be turned mashed up and generally memefied, specifically because of that simple, but so evocative phrase: ‘it’s coming home’.

Three words and everyone knows what you mean and what you’re talking about. And now that anyone and everyone has the technology at the tips of their fingers to effortlessly replace audio over videos, the avalanche of ‘Three Lions’ memes has fallen upon us.

And we’re loving all of them.

These are the best:

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And it’s not just videos:

Even the players are getting in on it now:

And a certain duo couldn’t help themselves either: