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Three armed robbery fails in 13 minutes

Twerp perp in ultimate display of criminal idiocy

Three armed robbery fails in 13 minutes
17 February 2012

When the time comes (and the time will come) when we have to resort to armed robbery, we plan on doing it once and doing it right.

Take a bow Darrell Snyder, who failed three times in 13 minutes to successfully rob at gunpoint.

To kick things off at 4:38 a.m in Peterborough, Ontario, Snyder walked into a Mac’s convenience store, pulled a bandana over his lower face and pointed a replica handgun at the cashier. Apparently Snyder just laughed, didn't make any demands and left the store empty-handed.

Eight minutes later he walked into a Tim Hortons and tried to get everyone's attention. When a staff member noticed him, he pointed the gun at her and told her it was a robbery. The cashier ducked away and called police. Snyder scarpered with nothing.

Leaving Tim Hortons, as his encore, Snyder stopped a man walking through an intersection and demanded he turn over whatever he had on him. When the victim didn’t comply, Snyder rode off on his bicycle.

The nincompoop pleaded guilty to three counts each of robbery, using a firearm during a robbery and wearing a disguise. The prosecution recommend a four-year prison term minus the four months Snyder has spent in pre-sentence custody.