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Sam Smith's pubs have banned swearing

Fuck off, mate

Sam Smith's pubs have banned swearing
21 April 2017

Having a foul-mouthed chat with your mates in the pub might seem like a pretty everyday occurrence – but one that could be about to come to an end. 

That’s because Sam Smith’s pub – a chain best known for cheap pints and being the one that isn’t Wetherspoons – have banned swearing in their premises. They’ve told landlords that they should be curbing bad language. 

An “unnamed landlord”  told the Teeside Gazette that the decision was “the owner of the brewery’s decision”.

“It’s all started from the brewery,” he said. “All we can do is try our best.” 

Signs have been put up telling patrons that there’s a “zero tolerance policy against swearing”, and an internal memo has been circulated amongst landlords and pub managers.

“Please note that with immediate effect, the company is introducing a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of its pubs. As manager(s) of our pubs, you are responsible for ensuring that they are run in a proper and orderly manner and this includes preventing the use of bad language.”

“If customers, and staff alike, swear on the premises then you must ask them to refrain from using bad language."

So basically, if you swear in a Sam Smith’s pub you could get chucked out. 

Which, quite frankly, is a load of old [redacted by Sam Smith’s].