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This one ingredient could save your house plants from death

Read on if you need to revive a droopy plant

This one ingredient could save your house plants from death
25 March 2019

Keeping a plant alive seems easy. It seems, when you’re merrily skipping round the garden centre picking out adorable pot plants for your bedroom, that it’s just going to take a bit of watering and maybe a bit of pruning to keep your new pal alive – simple, right?  


In fact, keeping your pot plants alive and un-droopy is a Herculean effort. Are you watering them too much? Too little? Do you need to repot them? Why didn’t you just buy a plastic one, for god’s sake?

Good news though: one Australian mum has found the secret to keeping your plants as perky as ever.  Taking to Facebook to share her tips, she revealed that Epsom salts could be the key.  

“A few inches of water in the bath with Epsom salts and I give the leaves a shower to get dust etc off and keep it happy,” she wrote. “I have to use them myself and it was always sold out because gardeners would use it on their plants – that’s what gave me the idea.”

It might not always work, though – plant expert Helen told Metro that it probably won’t help with droopiness. “Plants can look droopy for a number of reasons, but it’s usually a result of a disease, which won’t be helped by Magnesium,” she said. 

She recommends working out your plant’s ailment before you stick any salts on them – but if you’re lucky, it could do the trick. 

Image: Unsplash