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This new app will pay you to stop being so damn lazy

Want money for moving around? There's an app for that

This new app will pay you to stop being so damn lazy

How are those New Year's resolutions coming along? Made use of that new gym membership yet? Started those weekly runs you bought those new trainers for?

We're not here to judge you on your lacklustre failings (lord knows we haven't made good on our aims to spend more time outdoors than watching Netflix), but rather provide you with a brilliant new app-based incentive to get off your ass and do some sweating.

Sweatcoin is a new 'finance' app that turns movement into currency. Just download it to your iPhone (no Android version yet), start walking about, and for every step you take Sweatcoin will add a fraction more 'credit' to your account. At present, 1000 steps is equal to one SWCs (like regular cash, but more fluid).

Once you've amassed enough SWCs, you can then spend your earnings on products provided by the app's partners - with products on offer varying from fitness classes to shoe. At present, 200 SWC can get you some Adidas Adios Boost running shoes, 2,500 SWC can get you a Naked 3D fitness tracker, while just 45 SWC can get you into a 'Clubbercise' session with Wonderush.

If none of the products appeal to you, you can donate your sweaty cash to a number of partnering charities.

Should you like the sound of getting free stuff for walking about, you can download the app here

If you need us, we'll be working on a harness for strapping an iPhone to our overly excitable office dog...