This mum almost certainly disowned her son after his hair clipper prank


Nothing is more upsetting than an angry mum. Given the choice between being punched in the face by every UFC fighter on earth and receiving an irate glare from your mum, it's "Go easy on my teeth, lads" every time.

Instagram comedian J Batres, however, delights in upsetting the lady that gave birth to him, and with the aid of a hair clipper iPhone app and some spare hair -- where did he get that hair from? -- he pulls off an ingeniously simple prank that, let's be honest, we're never going to play on our mums ever.

What if they're not even angry, just disappointed? That's even worse. 

Let's just jump back to the hair. There's a real chance he's pulled that hair out of the plughole. From the look of his Instagram he's a man that takes care of his appearance, which suggests he'd be unlikely to cut a chunk out of his own hair for the purpose of a joke. The only place you're ever likely to find clumps of hair are the plughole, and, at the risk of being a bit gross, that isn't all head hair

There's a very real chance you just watched a man drop pubes down his mum's back.

Oh, God. 


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