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This man used Faceswap to brilliantly troll a load of One Direction fans

A crafty bit of face swapping and subterfuge

This man used Faceswap to brilliantly troll a load of One Direction fans

From Twitter's year in review to Chris Martin's momentary memory lapse, it doesn't take a lot to stoke the rage of the internet's One Direction legions.

Like a hive of overly irate bees eagerly harvesting social media for any and every scrap of 1D pollen, the merest of pokes threatens to see them boil over in a cloud of undirected anger.

One Ellis Lacy discovered this detriment when he pulled of an exceptionally well choreographed stunt with a Faceswap app. 

Following what that the beloved Harry Styles (he's their favourite) was axing his flowing locks for charity, the prankster superimposed Style's face onto his own head - sporting his own short crop. 

But Lacy's subterfuge wasn't exhausted yet: he used the same app to post a video of Styles showing off his new... well, style.

The reaction from the fans reached predictable highs, before descending into anarchy upon realising they'd been duped. 

(Images: Rex)

The real results are yet to be revealed

For those of you who actually care what Styles' new doo looks like... he's yet to 'reveal' it. Here's a picture from him back in 2012 with shorter hair though so... you know, just imagine something like this?