This man can solve three Rubik's Cubes in 20 seconds while juggling them


Look at this man. Look. At. This. Man.

Now look at yourself. You have failed. We’re not saying that you’re terrible, that your achievements in life thus far have been completely worthless. We’re sure that you’ve done some greatness. But you probably haven’t done anything as great as this man.

This man can not only solve one Rubik’s cube, oh no, he can solve three of them. Whilst juggling. In 20 seconds. This man. Imagine the attention he gets on a night out, the massive house that he lives in and the sports car that he drives.

Imagine walking into a bar and never paying for a single drink. You - no, we - could only ever dream of such a thing. But this man. This shiny-headed ambidextrous man has it all. And he can juggle.

Watch this man and remember to be the best that you can be. Every single day. For men like this exist for us to stand on the shoulders of giants and bask in the warm glow of evolutionary success.

This man.

*Drops mic*