This little kid went as the Argos catalogue for World Book Day because it's his "favourite book"

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Alex Finnis

Traditionally, World Book Day is a day on which kids go to school dressed up as a character from their favourite book – Harry Potter, Aragorn, Kipper the Dog, that kind of thing.

But this little kid thought fuck that. Why go as just one character when he could go as the whole book? Surely that’s way better, right?

Oh, and also, his favourite book is the Argos catalogue.

He's absolutely nailed it

The little genius in question is the son of Vicki Bowles, who posted the pictures on social media.

And we can definitely relate to him – lying on the floor flicking through the massive catalogues and circling all the stuff you wanted for your birthday (which was still six months away, but that’s no reason not to be excited) was a staple activity for every seven-year-old.

He went into detail with the costume

He was pretty much acting as free advertising for Argos

Vicki’s son basically spent the day as a walking advertising hoarding for Argos – a bit like those blokes who stand in the street dressed as hot dogs to entice you towards a particularly dodgy sausage stand.

And unsurprisingly, Argos loved it – and it looks like he’s going to be getting some compensation for his hard work – they sent Vicki a message on Twitter saying they’d like to send her son a “little something”. 

Nice one, kid, if you’re this good at milking free shit out of companies as you get older then you’ll do just fine.