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This law shows how truly insane America’s approach to gun control is

This law shows how truly insane America’s approach to gun control is

This law shows how truly insane America’s approach to gun control is

Guns. America’s answer to pretty much everything.

Well yesterday the debate over gun control intensified, and for reasons few of us would have ever expected...

First there was Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, who posted a photograph of a pistol engraved with his name alongside the caption “America”, resulting in a worldwide ribbing; and then came Georgia’s Channel 2 Action News, running a report which sounds as if it was lifted straight from a Saturday Night Live spoof.

It was entitled Blind Gun Owners.

After concerned friends of legally blind Georgia resident David Bunch contacted the channel to inform them Bunch still carried a gun, the reporters discovered something truly messed up: under state law, blind people were allowed to both carry and use firearms. 

One of Bunch's friends, who also admitted recently driving the visually impaired man to a gun shop to buy a 12 gauge shotgun, can also be seen in the report secretly filming a conversation in which he asks him, "What’s a blind man need with a pistol?”, with the gun-nut responding in his equally southern drawl: “Just for like close range. You jump on me I’m going to get you off."

Additionally, there’s no official figures on the number of blind people who also happen to active gun owners because, rather perturbingly, the state of Georgia keeps that information secret. And it’s far from the only US state to allow it either.

Travelling to Iowa to interview a legally blind 21-year-old woman who keeps her gun in her purse, the channel's reporters sat down with her and her father, a Sherriff, to hear how nobody would tell them who could and couldn't carry a loaded gun. Filmed casually firing off a few rounds at the shooting range, the young woman claims her accuracy is down to muscle memory.

Justice, it seems, really is blind.

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