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This is what Twitter had to say about the UK voting Leave

A mixture of happiness, sadness and - of course - sarcasm

This is what Twitter had to say about the UK voting Leave

So after the hokey cokey of the referendum, it turns out that we're more out than in. And we shook it all about too.

It was a surprise result, shocking the bookies and the pollsters and particularly the predominantly-left-and-Remain-leaving world of Twitter.

So how did things play out on the social network? Well, a mixture of happiness, sadness, information-sharing, sarcasm and jokes. So, normal business then....

Live from Dover

Spurs fans can identify with this too

A magic result?

A division of age?

A division of regions?

A division of nations?

Worried markets?

Yeah they're right to be worried

Poor Raheem

It'll probably be fine, right?

One Europe we still listen to

Move aside Boris

A terrifying future?

F*ck the system

A true disaster

Cameron's probably regretting this isn't he?

Arise Prime Minister Stormzy