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This is what the world's most expensive Android phone gives you

In short, not a lot

This is what the world's most expensive Android phone gives you
02 June 2016

For £9,500 you could buy a very nice 32-inch TV, an impressive set of surround sound speakers, a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One and a top-of-the-line Android phone.

Or, you could get one (just one) of these...

What possible reason could lead to a smartphone handset wielding such a hefty price tag (other than helping fund one of the most OTT websites ever made)? This is how the Israeli-made phone lists its features:

  • "Top-of-the-range phone promises military-grade encryption" - which is why they're aiming it at celebrities like Leonard DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, who attended the launch
  • A curved, reinforced 5.5-inch glass display
  • The best smartphone camera "in the world"
  • WiGig technology, offering speeds of up to 4.6Gbps (download stuff in seconds)
  • A metal matrix composite chassis
  • The hefty Snapdragon 810 processor (it's bloody quick)
  • 128GB of internal storage

However, there's only one small flaw in the sales pitch of the 'most secure phone ever made'. When asked if the phone was totally unhackable, this is what Zuk Avraham, CEO and founder of Zimperium mobile security, told CNNat the launch of the handset.

"We're not saying it's unhackable," said Avraham. "But at least we will detect it. We'll be able to reverse-engineer the attacks, see what they tried to do. Even disinfect the phone without the user having to do anything. There is 24/7 incident response at both Zimperium and Sirin that monitors all of these devices. There is no 100 percent secure solution, but the other alternative is to get hacked and not know about it."

So you can either spend £9,500 on a phone that'll let you know if you get hacked, or £200 on a phone you can fill with decent security apps. We know where our money will be headed.