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This is what happens if you pour acid on a Big Mac

It's not what you'd expect

This is what happens if you pour acid on a Big Mac

Very soon on the internet we'll have exhausted every combination of pouring some sort of corrosive liquid over another thing. Or sticking things in a hydraulic press until it's crushed. Or just smashing things up. It'll have all been done.

But - thank the good Lord - we're not there yet. And while we're on the way, we can enjoy such classics as sulphuric (or is it sulfuric these days?) acid being poured over a McDonald's Big Mac by the appropriately-named YouTube channel Let's Melt This, to see what will happen.

With a 30 minute period timelapsed into just two, you can see the action above: for those expecting an instant disintegration, you'll be disappointed, as the acid actually ends up cooking the outside of the Big Mac bun until it's rock hard. The guts of the burger aren't quite so hardy though, and it turns into a big, gooey mess once the bun has been removed.

So the moral of the story? Next time you're attacked with acid, stick a Big Mac bun in front of your face and you'll be absolutely fine. Who said fast food wasn't good for you?