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How to get upgraded to first class on a flight for free

Worth a shot, eh?

How to get upgraded to first class on a flight for free
26 May 2016

The 'Out of Office' is in full swing. Your bags are packed, you've raided duty free and you've said goodbye to your Twitter feed (until you get the hotel Wi-Fi at least). Now all you need is to face the seven-or-so hours of economy hell, hoping that you've aced the seat lottery and not picked a row next to a screaming infant/drunken stag group/xenophobic pensioner. 

If only there was a way of securing yourself one of those empty seats in first class...

Well according to Cosmopolitan writer Catriona Harvey-Jenner (it's okay, we're not about to launch into a sex tips piece), there is a way. 

Flying with British Airways, she cornered (her words) one of the flight attendants to enquire how she might go about bumping up her economy seat to the dream world of business. The key: when you check in online, don't pre-select your seat.

"If you've already set yourself up with a seat, you're sorted in the airline's eyes," explains Harvey-Jenner. "But if you're still potentially floating anywhere around the plane, then there's at least a glimmer of hope that they could find you an extra-comfy space in, say, business class."

It certainly beats our strategy of 'falling over in business class and refusing to move on grounds of extreme vertigo'. Worth a shot, eh?