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This is how video games can help you concentrate at work

Take your focus to the next level

This is how video games can help you concentrate at work

You can extinguish any hopes you might have of playing a quick game of Stick Cricket to help improve your productivity - this article isn't about to peddle such fanciful dreams.

One way that video games can help you at your desk job has been discussed by the collective hive mind that is Reddit's Life Pro Tips thread. 

Six months ago, Redditor Snisflen started a thread on the virtues of playing video game music and theme tunes in order to gain focus at work.

From Halo to Hotline Miami 2, other Redditors have contributed a wealth of motivational, kick-ass tracks designed specifically to sit in the background of your activity: these aren't tunes that attempt to hold on to your attention, but act as a neat shot of adrenaline for completing that company Power Point.

Have a crack at some of the tracks below to see if they lend a super boost to your workflow, and head here for the full discussion.

Halo: ODST


"The Halo soundtracks (mainly 3 and ODST) got me through my first year essays this year for uni. Perfect mix of lows for thinking and small research."

Final Fantasy


"I have a huge playlist of Final Fantasy music that I listen to. Great compositions from Nobuo Uematsu."

Hotline Miami 2


"The Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack is my immediate go-to when I have to study."



"Have to throw in Faster Than Light soundtrack. Very relaxing to have in the background."



"Fez is so great... this soundtrack helped me study all through grad school."

Crypt of the NecroDancer


"Crypt of the Necrodancer gets me through all the data in a day of work."