This is how J K Simmons got hench

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Earlier this month, 'trainer to the stars' Aaron Williamson - a man who's helped chisel the physiques of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron - posted the following image of his latest muscle-bound protege, 61-year-old J K Simmons.

On first viewing the image, we tutted in disbelief. 

"Ha - someone's found an old-time body builder who looks a bit like Simmons! Parker better get those pictures of Spider-Man or there'll be a serious arse-kicking in store."

Then we realised it really was Simmons, and immediately felt like putting on a long-sleeved t-shirt to hide our embarrassment. 

Simmons had apparently been a keen weight lifter before he took his role in 2015's Whiplash - for which he picked up the Best Supporting Actor role for his turn as the black t-shirt clad Terence Fletcher. His current routine is rumoured to be linked to a role in the upcoming Justice League film as a frankly terrifying Commissioner Gordon. He'd be able to beat the sh*t out of Batman with limbs like that.

Williamson told The Daily Beast that Simmons had requested they develop his arms: "Whenever we’d train together we started focusing on arms and to try and bring his shoulders out a little bit. It eventually became this goal where he could find a role where he could wear a tank top and give people a look at something they’d never seen before."

'But just how did Simmons achieve this god-like set of muscle sleeves?!' we hear you cry. With the following mix of physique training, blood volume work, and traditional weight lifting. Here's how to get guns like J K:


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