This new retro-Mac-themed iPhone 7 looks seriously cool

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Paddy Maddison

If you’ve always wanted to carry a 1980s era Macintosh computer around in your pocket but have found the logistics of it to be a bit of a struggle, then your lucky day might just have arrived.

Electronics customisers Colorware have just launched a highly limited retro version of Apple’s 265gb iPhone 7 .

The Macintosh 128k from 1984, on which the custom iPhone is based

The catch? It’ll set you back $1,899 (about £1,500)

Colorware’s version of the handset features a custom paint job, which gives a nod to the Macintosh computers of the ‘80s – featuring beige colouring, a multi-coloured Apple logo and side stripes. 

The first 25 will also feature a number of authenticity so that everyone will know how good you are and stuff.

The uncustomised version will set you back £799, so it’s a pretty hefty mark-up for a little multi-coloured logo and an inscribed number. 

However, there’s no denying that it looks awesome and with the next iPhone rumoured to be the most expensive yet, we’re almost tempted to get saving for this one instead.


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