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Someone's created a cloud which rains tequila

This sounds dangerous

Someone's created a cloud which rains tequila

If you’ve ever wanted to get a really horrible tequila hangover for free AND a side order of pretension, you’re in luck: for some reason, someone has created a cloud that literally rains drops of tequila.

The cloud was the brainchild of advertising agency LAPIZ, who created it as part of a campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board, and is being displayed in Berlin art gallery Urban Spree.

“Brought to you all the way from Mexico, the Tequila Cloud is an innovative art installation that will give a spin to this rainy and cold winter,” their press release reads.


“Real tequila was turned into gas to create a floating cloud that rains tequila on command. Tequila you can drink for FREE. So forget your umbrella, rain boots, and coat and come by Urban Spree to unwind and add some happy to your winter. Prost!”

According to LAPIZ, the system users “ultrasonic humidifiers” to “vibrate” tequila at a frequency that turns it into a mist. The mist is then mixed with a vapour to form the cloud.

The tequila is technically free, but seeing as it falls from the cloud drop by drop it might take a while to get you drunk. You’d also have to get to Berlin to begin with, so you’re probably best just going to the corner shop tbh.

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