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This board lets you surf at your standing desk

And you thought standing desks were silly...

This board lets you surf at your standing desk

"Is that HR? Hi, yes, it's Chris... yes the Chris with a standing desk. Look, sorry to bother you again, but I'd like to put an application for a company-purchased surf board. The health benefits are supposed to be amazing, and you know how bad my back can... hello? Are you there?"

It's a phone call we imagine many office managers are set to receive when the hypochondriacs amongst their staff discover this - the Wurf Board, an active response, air-sprung surface for standing desks.

In order to "make standing fun!" and allow users to "Engage your body, energise your mind", the adjustable Wurf Board, "encourages standing desk users to make continuous micro movements. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthens feet, legs, core, and back; and raises alertness, focus, and productivity."

An air valve on the board lets standers adjust the give of the trampoline-like surface - making it springier or firmer. By carrying out short two minute exercises throughout the day, the Wurf Board creators claim its users will reap a range of health benefits without interrupting their work flow - other than those countless moments in the day when other office staff pass their desk and remark "What's that? A what? What's a Wurf Board? What's wrong with you?"

Three sizes of Wurf Board are currently available through Kickstarter, with prices starting at £64.

"Hello, is that HR? Yes, we'd like to complain about the internet. It's got too weird..."