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This app lets you play laser tag with your phone

Your local area is about to turn into a smartphone battle zone

This app lets you play laser tag with your phone

Your first game of Laser Quest is a formative experience.

Sweaty palms. A spike of adrenaline. The click of your trigger as you drop another friend in a darkened corridor. A victory milkshake at McDonalds.

While video games and paint ball have largely replaced our childhood kicks for taking down buddies, Father.IO is hoping to rekindle our lost love of laser sports with a new smartphone 'laser tag' game.

Father.IO promises to combine geo-location information, your smartphone's data connection and a laser expansion to make a massive multiplayer game experience. In essence, you'll want to 'control' real life physical locations by scanning them on your smartphone. Real buildings, from university's to libraries, will add certain perks to the area you control, giving you performance boosts. You'll then defend your area from other players, using your laser expansion (the Interceptor) to "shoot" them from a range of 50 metres.

In addition to creating battles with local players, there's also a detailed story campaign, which you can see outlined below...

Some three years in the making, it's a bold project that depends on a lot of players picking it up if it's going to be any good. Currently seeking funding via Indiegogo, the first shipment of laser Interceptors is expected to arrive this summer.

Here's hoping extra skills points are awarded for defending the local pub.