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This act of kindness by a car salesman will make you feel instantly better

What a hero

This act of kindness by a car salesman will make you feel instantly better

It's been a tough time for humanity recently: ongoing wars across the globe; ISIS; reports of race hate crimes on the increase post-Brexit; Donald Trump; the continuing existence of Katie Hopkins.

So it is a blessed relief to encounter a story that should warm the coldest of cold hearts (hey, maybe even yours Mr Trump).

Dang Vuong (pictured below), car sales manager at Stratstone BMW in Silverlink, Wallsend in Newcastle, has been praised following an act of kindness for a stranger.

He was working as normal, when he received a phone call from a distressed pensioner, who had attempted to ring her daughter after slipping and falling while running a bath.

Vuong said, "She called our landline and got through to our receptionist, who asked me what to do. ‘I said, I’ll go and make sure she’s OK – at first I thought she was just across the road, it turned out she was about two miles away. I drove over there while our receptionist kept her talking on the phone."

Upon arriving at the house, he saw that the door was unlocked, so headed in to check everything was alright.

"When I arrived, she was in shock more than anything, there was blood on her face and the bath was overflowing. I told her who I was and then scooped her up and put her on the sofa and covered her with a blanket and waited until her carers and family came.” 

Once she was safe and being looked after, he popped back to finish the rest of his day's work.

He added: "I would have thought anyone would have done the same, especially with her being an old lady. I didn’t even think about doing anything else. I’m from Blyth, and we’re a close-knit community. I know that anyone else from Blyth who had got that call would have done the same thing." 

The lady's granddaughter Sara Tweedy told the Newcastle Chronicle that it would have been a few hours until anyone would have otherwise have seen her, adding, “We can’t thank him enough.”

A bit more of this sort of thing all round please everyone, okay?

[via Newcastle Chronicle]

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