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10 Greatest Goosebumps Books That You Forgot Even Existed

10 Greatest Goosebumps Books That You Forgot Even Existed

10 Greatest Goosebumps Books That You Forgot Even Existed

Yes, you read that right - Hollywood is taking the books that made you scared of camping/dummies/fairgrounds/pretty much everything and turning them into a blockbuster film.

Which book have they chosen, you ask? Well, all of them. Jack Black will fill the shoes of Goosebumps author R. L. Stine, who has to save the day when all the monsters he's ever created are released into the real world.

They're all there: the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, Count Nightwing, The Lord High Executioner - even the giant preying mantis from the brilliantly titled A Shocker on Shock Street.

Seeing all of our favourite rogues in one place got us a bit nostalgic, so here's a rundown of our ten favourite chillers from the Goosebumps canon...

The Haunted Mask

One of the most memorable in the series, this tale of a Halloween mask made of dead skin moulding itself onto a little girl's face was enough to make you steer clear of fancy dress for life.

Made infinitely more scary by the TV show, where the mask was made to look like a deformed Power Rangers villain reject.

Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

Making good on his ability to make literally anything evil, Stine turns cute garden gnomes into murderous little vagabonds who spend their nights "squashing tomatoes" and "whispering nasty things".

Ok, the scariest thing they do might be drawing smiley faces on the dad's prize melons, but the thought of them talking about you behind your back is still pretty uncomfortable.

Stay Out of the Basement

The book responsible for convincing you that your father is either a hideous human/plant hybrid, a sinister clone, or a mix of both.

Also deserves a mention for the most obvious pandering to child readers of all time, as green food literally turns out to be evil.

Say Cheese and Die!

Melodramatic title? Check. Creepy skeletons? Check. Vague distrust of your own family? Double check.

From the cover alone you can tell this is classic Goosebumps. Plus it has a mad scientist called Spidey with a haunted camera that will last "until the end of the world".

Night of the Living Dummy

Probably the most famous of all the Goosebumps books, Night of the Living Dummy is solely responsible for a whole generation of children abandoning the art of ventriloquism.

Slappy the living dummy has become a hero in his own right, and looks set to play a prominent role in the upcoming film.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

The proud owner of the most bed-wettingly terrifying cover of any of the series, this story gets a mention for its downright brilliant weirdness.

How often do you get to read about a giant purple jam-monster kidnapping athletic kids to clean him because he can't stand the smell of his own rancid purple goo?

How I got my Shrunken Head

In terms of life lessons, not accepting leathery shrunken heads as gifts from strange old women in sunglasses was a useful one that this book taught us.

Also present: valuable tips about avoiding tigers, quicksand, and "Jungle Magic".

It Came From Beneath the Sink!

Plot twist: '"it" is an evil sponge.

Although we're bigger fans of its cousin, a murderous potato with razor-sharp teeth.

Calling All Creeps!

No, it's not about Tinder. Proving how ahead of the game he was, Stine tackles the whole 'creepy prank caller' thing years before Scream or Saw thought of it.

Although neither of those films had purple lizard people plotting to transform the human race using infected chocolate-chip cookies.

The Blob That Ate Everyone

Enough said.