This bloke went on holiday with a bunch of strangers because their mate with the same name dropped out

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Gary Ogden

Going on holiday with your mates is a right old fun laugh at the pictures, isn’t it? But sometimes, people let you down. Sometimes, your mates screw things up and pull out of your holiday at the last minute, even though you’ve already paid for and booked everything under his name. 

If this happens, your options are limited – you either go and waste the money, plane seat and hotel room, or you find someone else with the same name. The latter, which nobody has ever done before, has now been done. A bunch of dudes and dudettes from Bristol were planning on heading off to Mallorca (OI OI GET THE FISH BOWLS IN etc) for a 30th birthday celebration, but their flaky mate Joe McGrath dropped out. Course he did, he’s always dropping out, Joe. Joey Joey Turncoat they call him.

Anyway, as a result of this, the party needed a new Joe, so they trawled the internet looking for someone with the same name, and found Joe (obviously). So they contacted him:

Thankfully, especially for the internet, this Joe said yes – Joe Joe The Jolly Jokester, they call him. So he traveled down to Bristol airport, met his new mates and fucked off on holiday with them.

Seems he had a good time, too:

I love this. I really bloody love it. Strangers becoming friends due to idiotic ideas - it's what life's all about and I'm very glad it's happened. 

Now if only somebody would invite me on holiday. ANYONE. JUST ANYONE. I’LL PAY. FOR EVERYONE.


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