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These are the top 10 unanswered questions in science

What do we really want to know?

These are the top 10 unanswered questions in science
08 September 2016

We know Donald Trump doesn't believe in global warming. And Michael Gove doesn't believe in 'experts'. But, all told, it has to be said that science has done a pretty good job of dragging us out of the dark ages and helping us to understand, well, virtually everything that we currently understand. In fact, it's almost like Donald Trump and Michael Gove don't understand what science actually is or, y'know, actually have any actual brainpower at all.

But far from resting on its laurels, kicking back on the sofa to toast a job well done, science is always restless. Always looking for more things to discover and understand. And it seems that there's a load of stuff out there that - and it's annoying this - we still don't really know.

And the big questions? Well, they are these, as deduced by a survey of 2,000 adults undertaken by the Science Council and New Scientist Live, an event which takes place at ExCel in London on 22-25 September.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these, can you give us a shout via twitter and we'll pass it on to the scientists. Cheers.

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