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Theresa May handed P45 during conference speech

Time to go Theresa

Theresa May handed P45 during conference speech
04 October 2017

Imagine being Theresa May right now. Just imagine. Even her biggest critic must have a modicum of sympathy for her.

Since calling a snap election in April this year, it’s fair to say that essentially - through a combination of her own incompetence and the actions of others - literally nothing has gone right for her. Derided for her robotic appearances on the campaign trail, pilloried for her refusal to take part in debates, humiliated by needlessly losing the majority she enjoyed, having to bribe the DUP to keep her in power, annoying the Queen by not following protocol in the aftermath of the election and, ever since then, ruthlessly and constantly undermined and stabbed in the back by colleagues maneuvering to replace her.

And now, just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, comes another disaster at the Conservative party conference.

During her keynote speech - her attempt to relaunch her premiership - she was served with a P45… which she accepted.

Just watch this and try not to squirm in your seat.

The stunt was the work of comedian Lee Nelson, real name Simon Benjamin Brodkin, who has plenty of form in this area, including the memorable moment when he showered dollar bills over disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Here’s a close-up of the document:

If that wasn’t enough, May’s speech was constantly interrupted by her coughing, appearing to lose her voice before she then had to blow her nose.

Still, at least some people enjoyed it.

And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

No prizes for guessing what every single newspaper’s front page image will be tomorrow then.

(Images: Rex)