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There's an emoji randomiser and it's brilliant

There's an emoji randomiser and it's brilliant

There's an emoji randomiser and it's brilliant

What were you doing when you were 17?

Trying to work out how to smuggle booze out of your dad's garage supply? Working out how to talk to girls? Revelling in teenage angst?

Not Giacomo Randazzo. A coder since the tender age of 11, he's just developed your new favourite emoji web tool.

The Randemojinator creates a potentially endless string of new emojis by combining the lower half of some faces with the upper of another, creating entirely new emotions the current crop of pictorial visages don't offer.

Randazzo was apparently inspired by the current "trend" of emoji use. "I don’t plan on developing it any further right now, unless I get lots of traffic and requests," he told TechCrunch. "I plan though on putting advertising on it , because I need some money. It didn’t take much to code maybe three or four days. Setting up the servers and finding the domain names are the things that took longer, it took almost a month in total."

You can't embed the emoji into messaging services, but you can share your creations on Twitter or Facebook (or Google+, if you're a proper weirdo) via the Randemojinator site.

We had a bash at creating some of our own emoji, which you can browse in the gallery below.

Dejected emoji

Best use: When the world doesn't seem to give a single f*ck as to how you're doing

Incredulous emoji

Best use: "What do you mean Tim's girlfriend is actually a sheep called Chris?"

Love sick emoji

Best use: When your bae just delights in pushing your buttons

Zen emoji

Best use: When you reach a new high score on Flappy Bird and realise you are in fact a god

Begrudging shock emoji

Best use: When the opposition striker proceeds to score a third world-class goal against your team

Chubby happiness emoji

Best use: For expressing deep pride, such as finishing that triple burger your mate bet you couldn't

Chubby sorrow emoji

Best use: When you fail to finish that triple burger your mate bet you couldn't

Elated emoji

Best use: When something so superb is occurring, your first reaction is one of fear mingled with excitement - like finding out Ben & Jerry's is on half price

Malicious joy emoji

Best use: When you discover your friend has left his Facebook and Twitter signed in on your laptop

Shocked devil emoji

Best use: When someone else turns up to the Halloween party also dressed as a purple devil

Deformed heart emoji

Best use: "Kill. Me."

Obese greed emoji

Best use: You return home from football to the largest roast humankind has ever witnessed

Blinded emoji

Best use: For when you accidentally poke yourself in the eye in a bodily malfunction 

Nonplussed emoji

Best use: "Could you do the dishes? I really need to finish this episode of Gossip Girl."