Watch a real-life Russian Batman attack two Moscow drug dealers, because duh

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Amelia Tait

Real Russian Batman. Real Russian Batman emerging from the glow of a makeshift bomb he just dropped on a drug den's doorstep. Real Russian Batman leading to the arrest of two drug dealers. Real Russian Batman guiding us all into a new and better future.

Sounds like (really bad) fantasy, eh friends? Well it ain't. This is Real Russian Batman: 

Okay, so it isn't the clearest video in the world, but according to the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, a taxi driver named Slava filmed Russian Batman entering a drug den, before hearing screams and crashing from inside. Real Russian Batman - as you can see in the video - then leaves the building, throws a fire bomb on the ground, and literally disappears into the shadows. 

The paper goes on to report that police arrived moments later and arrested two men, who looked badly beat up. 

Real Russian Batman (henceforth RRB) has allegedly captured around 40 drug dealers doing business in the Khimki area outside Moscow. In a letter addressed to Moskovsky Komsomolets, RRB referred to himself as, “Reaper – humanity’s first superhero". Hello. Mate. No. Your name is Real Russian Batman. 

"You don’t know me, and it is unlikely you have heard about me,” RRB/Reaper writes in his letter. “I call myself Reaper, and for the past six months I have been struggling with the disease that has long been plaguing our society – crime."


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