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The Zip-Free Suitcase Design

The Zip-Free Suitcase Design

The Zip-Free Suitcase Design

It will close. It has to. You're sure you used this bag as hand luggage last summer, and you'll be damned if you're going to have to choose between discarding that second pair of shoes or your holiday book. If only the zip would stretch a little further...

Wheeling in from stage right, the hero of the last-minute packing conundrum: Trunkster, the zipperless suitcase solution that packs a raft of neat features (but not a raft, unfortunately). 

Ditching the standard zip design, the Trunkster employs a waterproof rolling "door" - sliding around your content like a shop front shutter. 

Other party tricks include a removable gadget charger - claiming to hold enough juice to charge the average smartphone nine times over - a built-in digital scale, a side-to-side handle design that you'll have to try pretty hard to trip over and GPS tracking. Basically, your old holdall is now thoroughly defunct. 

Unfortuantely, this isn't a bag you'll be going on your Christmas holidays with. Currently smashing its Kickstarter funding goal, you can place an order for a Trunkster for £190, with the first bags due to ship in August 2015. 

So for now, it looks like you're going to have to make that tough decision between reading and having a pair of formal shoes just in case you end up going to a fancy restaurant. 

[Via: Uncrate]

(Images: Trunkster)