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The world's longest python has been caught & it's monstrous

Good luck sleeping again

The world's longest python has been caught & it's monstrous

First the Thames monster, and now this. Has the animal kingdom finally had enough of human beings and decided to finish us off? To be honest, we wouldn't blame them.

A huge python, estimated to be 8m in length, has been discovered on a construction site in Malaysia, and is believed to be the longest snake ever caught.

Specifically, it's a reticulated python, which can be found in south-east Asia. It was lurking (as much as it could lurk, being absolutely massive and all) on the site where a flyover was being built, in Paya Terubong, a district on the island of Penang.

Speaking to The Guardian, Herme Herisyam of Malaysia's civil defence force said that it took 30 minutes to capture the giant snake live. He claimed that it was “eight metres in length and weighs about 250kg.”

Currently, the world's longest snake held in captivity is a monster named Medusa, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, measuring 7.67 metres and weighing 168.8kg. She is also a reticulated python - clearly those guys like to eat.

Sadly, word now reaches us that the python has now died, shortly before it due to be transferred to to government's Department of Wildlife. It had seemingly begun to lay eggs, with an official, Muhammad Aizat saying that she laid one egg, before going "quiet", an intriguing description, suggesting that the animal was engaged in some lively discussion with its captors before meeting an untimely end.

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(Images: Herme Herisyam)